Why I'm Running

I am making this run for FL House District 42 because the current political environment in our state and our nation makes me uncomfortable. With this discomfort has come the motivation to step up to serve the people of my community. I am taking this step off the sidelines and into the political arena because I believe, together we can bring a better quality of life for all of the people. In the last 5 years, our district has grown tremendously in size and diversity. The current representative is out of touch with the needs of the people of this district. I have walked, and continue to walk, the neighborhoods of district 42 and have met incredible people, hard working families who are struggling to make ends meet. Wages have not kept up with the cost of living. The current state ruling party passed an education bill, without input from educators or citizens of Florida, that puts our children’s future at risk. We need to invest in our children’s future, not sell it off to the highest bidder. Enough is enough. Together we can bring the change we need and deserve. Time for new leadership in Tallahassee. Let’s do this together!

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